Welcome Woman.

There is a lot of information out there these days about Feminine Power, Feminine Energy & what it even means to be 'Feminine'

And, a lot of this information can seem contradictory too… amiright? 

This course will help you clarify & establish the fundamentals for You to Embody & Harness Your Feminine Power.

The woman who embodies her feminine power…

  • Enjoys a life that flows with ease, freedom & spaciousness
  • Enjoys a life that’s filled with creativity, inspiration & authentic expression
  • Has deeply connective & fulfilling relationships
  • Deeply trusts her sovereign self & is guided by her intuition
  • Understands the unique benefits of each phase of her monthly cycle 
  • And, actually looks forward to “PMS” (hint: “PMS” is mostly false!)
  • Understands her divine unity with nature
  • Embraces her beauty, softness & strength
  • Is adaptable & responsive to life (without falling into victimization or people-pleasing)
  • Magnetizes her dreams & desires

If you’re like most modern western women, you probably grew up with all kinds of mixed or downright disempowering messaging about what it means to be a woman, to be feminine or to have a menstrual cycle. ​

But I’m guessing since you’ve landed here, there is a part of you (big or small) that knows that messaging is a bunch of BS.

And you know what? You ALREADY are a Powerful, Feminine Woman

​It’s true. I see you. You’re already in the process of unpacking & releasing false paradigms and limiting stories - or you wouldn’t have landed here.

Let’s dive a little deeper and take a quick quiz...

...and see where you’re at in your process of truly Owning & Embodying your Feminine Power.

(who doesn’t enjoy a quiz?!)

If you checked most of these off, then babe, you are in the right place.

And, I understand your struggle. Even though Feminine Embodiment is my area of expertise, it absolutely wasn’t always the case. I have been where you are… 

I grew up quite 'disembodied’ - I lived much of my life from the neck up (in my masculine), busy ‘doing’ everything I believed was ‘right’ to do. 

I was a great worker bee for many years, and stellar at

anticipating everyone’s needs around me (I was endearingly known as the ‘seminar mom’ by my assistants at the world-wide events I used to manage).

However I lacked real connection to my own inner sense of direction & needs. And was often too proud to even consider asking for help from others – that was my role. 

​When I would try to get in touch with myself more deeply, I would often be left feeling sad, overwhelmed, confused & utterly lost. Or, I regularly felt out of touch with my own emotions & inner sensations - just numb and like a shell of a human.

​I was on the road to total crash-and-burn-out. It was the same road I grew up learning from the strong & highly capable women around me, including my own mother. [fighting their way in a ‘man’s’ world]

  • I (unconsciously) learned that rest, relaxation & enjoyment was frivolous & indulgent for useless or lazy people.
  • I learned from a very young age that asking for help and being ‘feminine’ were signs of weakness.
  • Social conditioning have me believing that my menstrual cycle was something to hide from men, be ashamed of & to commiserate over with my girlfriends. 
  • I learned to utterly disregard my inner wisdom in place for always ‘doing’ the ‘right’ thing - for my job, family, friends, for others
  • I believed owning my beauty & receiving compliments was only for the arrogant or exceptionally beautiful - that I was to respond with some form of self-deprecation.

At one of my lowest points, I remember uncontrollably sobbing in my driveway one night and wishing I was dead – though, I didn’t actually want to die... but I couldn’t fathom living this way anymore. 

None of how I was conditioned to be as a woman made sense to me

Through a series of events that synchronistically unfolded over the next several months, I slowly but surely started reclaiming who I truly was. I discovered Feminine Embodiment purely through intuitive instinct (ask me about this story, I love to share it!), and within days I enrolled in a Feminine Embodiment Coaching program.

My breakdown and listening to my intuitive instincts seriously paid off and I began to deeply trust and embody my own feminine energy & power

Since then, I have trained with some of the top people living today in the rapidly emerging field of Embodiment & The Feminine Arts.

Now, I live a life in harmony with my own natural energy, cycle & rhythms. I have let go of hustling, grinding, efforting & burn-out. I run my business with feminine flow instead of masculine force. My creativity flows naturally and I am able to relax and receive support without any sense of unworthiness

I have helped women from all walks of live, from many countries and diverse personal histories & traumas embody & embrace their feminine power. 

It gets to be EASY. 

It gets to be Easeful. 

It gets to be Natural. 

It gets to be Magnetic. 

And, it gets to be Empowering. 

This is why I am so passionate about sharing this course with you.

By The End Of This Course You Will Learn...

  • Fundamentals on normal hormone fluctuations & how this affects you
  • Tried & True Embodiment & Feminine Archetype practices
  • Feel & Embody your unique feminine power
  • Trust your innate feminine wisdom (even in the face of contradicting information)
  • Say goodbye to ‘PMS’ & Hello to deep intuitive insights & creative flow
  • Harness your natural feminine energy & say farewell to burnout & exhaustion
  • Know your boundaries for rest & rejuvenation so you can be MORE productive (with LESS efforting!)
  • Clarify what your Hell Yes and Hell No feel like, so you can lead your life, empowered.
  • Best actions to take for each phase of your cycle

I can't wait to share this foundational feminine wisdom with you.

It is already alive within you - this course simply helps you re-member and re-embody it for yourself.

Authentically navigating our modern world, as modern women can be confusing & overwhelming. 

I look forward to supporting you in the portal, in a session together or on a call!

All my love to you beautiful woman.